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14 Oct 2019
1 min 4 sec
Video Overview
Than Grove

This video shows how to do a search-and-replace in a Word document with THL Word styles in order to mark milestone text strings with the appropriate Word Style. The process for replacing page milestones is as follows:

From the edit menu open search and replace

From the gear menu open "Advanced Find & Replace"

Open the options drop down and choose "Use Wildcards"

In the "Find What" box, type: (\[[0-9]@\])

In the "Replace with" box, type: \1

From the options dropdown, under Replace, from the Format dropdown, choose Style

Select the Style "Page Number, Print Edition,/"

Test with one search and replace.

If it performs correctly, push the "Replace All" button.

It will inform you how many milestones were replaced. This assumes that the milestones are in the format of a simple page number between brackets, such as [34]. The following table gives other formats:

DescriptionFind What BoxWord Style to Apply

Simple Pages(\[[0-9]@\])Page Number, Print Edition

Pages with sides (a,b)(\[[0-9]@[a-b]\])Page Number, Print Edition

Simple Line Numbers


Line Number Print

Line Numbers with Sides(\[[0-9]@[a-b]\.[0-9]@\])Line Number Print

In all cases the "Replace with" box should contain:  \1