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31 Jan 2012
1 min 44 sec
Video Overview

This title is part of a series of short (2-5 minute) dramatic enactments of contemporary life in Lhasa in the early 2000s. Two women in Lhasa gossip about women becoming fat and the importance of dieting. In particular, they tell one story about a woman who became fat and then had her husband leave her. In the broader set of stories, the woman to the left is the mother of Dadrön, a young woman who figures in an arc of stories about a romantic triangulation. 

该片讲述了两位女士聊起了各自的身材,提到了她们认识的一位的朋友,曾经非常漂亮,后来不注意去保持身材,变得很胖,现她的老公在外面跟其他女人在一起,她自己还不知道此事,之后她们自己互相勉励以后一定要注意身材。 两个妇女在谈论有关饮食和减肥等方面的话题。