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15 Dec 2011
1 min 30 sec
Video Overview

Dadrön is having trouble conceiving a child and comes to visit Purdrön in her Barkor home to ask for advice. They explore different strategies: sponsoring a ritual, going to a special pilgrimage spot, modern medicine, and Tibetan medicine. Purdrön asks whether she went to the doctor's office to see if she has any health problems. Dadrön is sure she doesn't have all of these problems, and thinks about whether she can find some traditional way to get pregnant. Purdrön mentions that there is a monastery where she can go and pray for it. This clip was shot in the courtyard of the Barkor home of Dekyi's uncle, Lozang Yonten. Target vocabulary includes: to conceive, sterile, and barren.

达珍找普珍问怀孕的方法,普珍问达珍是否到医院做过检查。她说如果有肾或妇科病,就有可能导致不怀孕。达珍确定没有这方面的病,因为她在医院检查过。达珍主要是相知道有什么传统的方法可以促进她怀孕。普珍介绍了一个诗庙达珍可以去祈祷。 怀孕方法