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27 Jan 2016
1 min 25 sec
Samten Yeshi
Video Overview
Dawa Tshering

In this video, Truelkula from Zombabi village in Sarpang District sings a lozey ballad that speaks of a stupa, a Buddhist monument. “River Flowing from a Hill” says that if a river goes directly to India, there is a load and a message for it to carry. In the lyrics, the river is asked to look for a suitable place to build a stupa. If it finds a suitable place, an emanation of Vishwakarma, the Hindu god of all craftsmen and architects, will build a stupa there. In the final verses, it says that the jewel inside the stupa is Lama Namkhe Nyingpo. Lozey ballads are more popular in the western parts of Bhutan.

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