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31 Jan 2012
7 min 41 sec
Video Overview

Drolgar's friend accompanies her to a tailor's shop in the Barkor to order a traditional Tibetan Chupa. They talk about the materials, color, and other details such as patterns and styles. They also bargain with the tailor. In the end, the tailor measures Drolgar, and Drolgar gives a deposit to him.

本段主要描述了卓嘎的朋友陪同她到八郭街的裁缝店去订做藏袍的事情,经过一番比较与讨价还价,最终卓嘎把押金交给了店主,并得到承诺3天后取货。其中谈论到藏袍的质地、颜色和搭配等多方面的问题。 在八角街订做西藏服。

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