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15 Dec 2011
5 min 9 sec
Video Overview

This is a conversation between Dadrön and a Khampa (khams pa) woman on a Barkor street about buying some jewelry. It is a really hard bargain. This conversation also mentions the issue about false or true jewelry, the place of production, and the price of jewelry. 

该剧发生在拉萨八角街的一角。达珍和普珍在逛街的过程中,达珍与一个康区来的女珠宝商贩间为了珠宝买卖而引出的。自始至终,的确是段精彩的讨价还价的对话。对话中还涉及到珠宝的真伪、产地以及价格等等。 在八角街购买首饰。

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